An enticing tryst

My first book was published on 25th June, 2012 @ kindle. To be very frank I just accumulated my thoughts which I had experienced and wrote short stories in a poetic manner.
When I published my book, I was ambiguous on why I am doing it. Anyway, I published because my surrounding told me so.
I in print it without having any knowledge on how this publication thing works, what I will get out of it and what I am searching for.
Slowly, my first cheque of $500 came and it was a shock to me, then I logged on to my Amazon account and saw likes for my book and soon after that comments started flowing in.
Where someone remarked on my book publicly and some people personally sent me a message on what they felt after reading my book.
Though, it gave a kick to my confidence level for a while but still I was not far above the ground…why, I still don’t know, may be somewhere I felt that if I can write everyone else can.
Day after Diwali, I received a letter from our Hon’ble Chief Minister Madam Sheila Dixit appreciating my effort on what I did. Yes, I was on cloud number 7 at that time and who would not be.
This high lasted for a while and I still could not understand what I am receiving. Well, days went by and I made friends with some of my fans, not considering them as my fans but I am quick to be friends with people and this quality I admire in myself very much.
There was one lady who was constantly asking me to meet and I was ignoring it not because I did not wanted to meet but I never met strangers like that…
Anyway, yesterday, after two months of continuous pestering I decided to meet her after all she is a lady and she is not going to eat me up.
Here I was in Hyatt Hotel, waiting for her in a lobby, who is she and how will I recognize her… There were plenty of things going on my mind at that time
Eventually, I saw a white woman, wearing a long beige skirt with a black jacket waving at me… hello me? Then again search engine of my brain started running how does she know me?
Well, I waved and she introduced herself as Catherine and she has seen my picture on face book that is how it was easy for her to recognize me.
We sat on a table all we ordered for was chicken salads and orange juice, yeah after this entire tryst was not for eating purpose.
I started the conversation by thanking her for buying my book and she acknowledged it with a smile.
Then after a minute, she reached out to her purse and took out a dairy and her pencil and her kindle device, I was bit confused as what is she up to.
She asked me what do I do, and some personal stuff, it was more like an interview going on…
I snapped the topic in between cause I was not comfortable discussing my personal details… I asked her: Madam is this reason you invited me…
Oh no she said, she quickly opened her dairy and apologized for asking personal stuff.
She forwards me her diary with a smile and her eyes making direct contact with me saying read…
I was surprised, as the lady had actually made notes on every single line I had written and she interpreted my poems in her own sense. Why the hell so much work was something I was about to ask where I thought she grabbed my vibe.
My dear, I came across your book when I was going through a very tough time. I lost my kids custody to my husband and was recently transferred to India. While surfing on Amazon for a book I came across yours and the cover page actually made me buy your book online.
In some of your poems I could see I was living my story she said.
Thank you is what I have to say. The reason , I have called you is not to know what made you write this book but there are certain lines which I need to clarify and there I read an excerpt from my poem which she circled.
My aggravation was gone and at that time all I did was helped that soul and that made me realize for the first time what have I done by publishing my thoughts, my stories. How I made so many of them live because of the words and the emotions I emitted in my book
Sometimes, we do things unkemptly, not knowing who is gaining what by them. But yes, I guess this is life and I thank all my angels and guiding experiences which made me write love beyond viels.
I get tears in my eyes when God chooses his weird way of guiding me to who I am.
Thank you Catherine, Sachin, Tom , Uma and many others for choosing my book and making me realize that I am not travelling alone in the ship of emotions , there are plenty of them which I cannot see but yes there are plenty of them I can save…………. Thank you

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