who is to be blamed

I lived and loved with every color they have painted on me
I made them comfortable with every thought they had it for me
I saw some of them coming and finding faults in me
I saw myself changing according to their needs
Giving is what I am born for the paved paths around tell me
I let them break walls inside me so that
They can accommodate themselves with peace and I compromised on every space people wanted for them inside me
I save them from every varying season
Let it be rainy, winter, or summer or for any reason
People missed that I am the one giving them what they need
I make a reminder every now and than with a sad crack around me
Alas, most of the time they ignore me
I Saw people changing, hiding, playing or leaving me
I am silent because I have accepted that nothing lasts forever in this world not even the  love they showed they have it for me
I have seen generations coming and going every year , every month every week in front of me
My cries and mourning when they leave me are never heard by anyone
Except the tree and the bushes around me
I have tainted myself according to generations that come and go thinking at least some one will live forever around me
 Alas!  All of them choose to leave me
In the end every thing dies… I was told by the bushes outside
My time has also come
As I have become old rotten and succumb
I have been staring at the three roads which stand in front of me
Every person who lived inside me becomes a part of me
Every wall inside me has a story
Like a child who plays around with his crayons sloppily
They have preferred to leave me
Some moves towards left, some moves towards right
Without having thoughts of me I feel but when they look back with a heavy heart I know they will too miss me
I am the one who have been a faithful lover through out
I have heard all their fights and conversation with love and honesty
I guided some of them towards remedies
When they light a diva at every corner of the wall
Glowing a soul of me
I give them love and light but the moment they meet another younger and bright they hurry to leave me
And forgets me easily
Oh! there are some who visits me and look at me with love
They stand by the road which comes to me
They have secrets which they had lived and shared with me
Those people have fond memories about me
They acquaint with love to their generations next about me
Alas, they stay for a while, but unknowingly they give happiness which illuminates me
My best friend who stood up with me is the tree behind me and the bushes who exchange a few words of love to me when I am sad and weary
Oh! I have lived and made generations lived inside me
I am none other then but an old cottage
Who loved you and somewhere back in the memory lane surely you too once loved me
But every time some one leaves me
I wonder who is to be blamed
Is it you or me?